Sunday, February 15, 2015


This morning students taking Business Communication attend to class unlike the usual days. No notes to be jotted down nor lectures to be listened to. One thing obvious they look very smart in their blazers as if they are managers and CEO of big companies. It is really a glorious day for them, I guess.

They are required to hold a mock meeting which is a must for them or they might simply let go 20 marks easily. In a group of 6 or 7 they secure their respective seats and positions waiting eagerly for the chairperson to call for the meeting.

 I am overwhelmed by their shows discussing and arguing on several issues like seeking reasons for poor performance of the company in terms of sales and profit making. Some groups discuss on ways to help Palestinian in Gaza and end up with fund raising through carnival. Members of the meeting look extremely well-prepared and I could say it is a wonderful performance.

Surprisingly, one group disclosed that they rehearsed several times for the mock meeting. Some spent for blazers too, poor kids. Whatever problems that they might have undergone I believe there are benefits to be reaped. I always tell my students, university is a good training ground for them to exploit their talents and skills.

Pena Tumpul -Impressed

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