Monday, February 16, 2015


Call it mock, fake or bogus meeting, it is indeed amusing and pleasurable to witness students exhibit it on stage. This morning I grasp this moment again. It is essential for students taking Business Communication to conduct such meeting, taking roles as managers or even CEOs of the company.

So surprisingly that most of them can really play the roles splendidly leaving me extremely astounded. The group represented by Amirah who played the leading role of CEO and Azni (the company secretary), Azni ( Financial Manager) and several others was the first group to be evaluated.

Astonished by their attire, well-organized meeting, wise choice of subject and the good control and command of the language, I hesitatingly award them good marks. Anyway, the best part is to be awarded something in return. At one occasion, students even came out with luscious meal that simply cannot be rejected easily.

This morning I was so stunned to be blessed with lovely cake specially given by Amira's group. I know I could not decline the gift or I might hurt them. I also realized that they are so sincere and definitely not in the conscious state seeking for extra marks and what not.

Pena Tumpul - Hope they can convince their prospective employers too

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