Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Living life as students in an institution of higher education is never an easy task. Here, students will face the harsh realities of life which challenge them not only cognitively but emotionally and psychologically as well. Hence stress is not uncommon among students in higher learning institutions. By understanding how these students cope with stress, the parents, lecturers, advisors and administrators can assist students in managing it.

This morning when I simply throw questions to my students , if they are stressful the answer is entirely yes and no doubt. It is indeed true that studying can be as stressful as working. However, stress in learning is also a subjective phenomenon. For some students, making a presentation in front of the class is not stressful while, for others, it is the end of the world. Some students consider quizzes as good challenges to their potential while others find them hard to handle. In other words, how one labels, interprets, thinks about and reacts to events in one's life has a lot to do with determining whether those events are stressful

I always believe that students who prepare themselves for such events are most likely to experience less stress than those who fail to do so. I observed that One of the causes of stress among college and university students is ineffective time management. Quality time is something often neglected by students whether good or average. The so-called good students often over-scheduled their time for study-related tasks while others underscheduled their precious time with unproductive activities thus increasing their stress level. Most of my students argued that they do not have enough time to complete assignments. Is this the sign of work overload or ineffective time management?

Is academic workload another source of stress for students? The answer is yes because the students said that they experience academic stress due to assignment workloads. A few students disclosed that another famous stressor is the expectation of academic achievement. This includes the expectation of examination performance and expectation of the academic results. I noticed that students are even more stressful now as exam is around the corner. Some have even started burning midnight candle struggling hard for the examination.

Pena Tumpul - Students should be taught how to manage stress

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