Sunday, November 15, 2015


I learned something valuable from TNC Prof Suhaimi this morning during a special academic meeting. He was sharing his experience when he visited Pohang Steel Company (POSCO) in South Korea in September 2010, He was stunned while entering the main gate of the steel factory when he saw a writing “Resources are limited; Creativity is unlimited” on the gate.

I imagined how the workers in the company see the words every day when they enter the gate.The message is obvious to them that their country does not have much natural resources compared to other countries. But their economic growth is not limited with the limited resources they have. There are always a way out for every country if they keep pressing forward without relying on unsustainable resources.

Other than South Korea, let’s take Singapore and Hong Kong, these two places are just a tiny countries  without natural resources such as gas and oil, gold, and so on. Despite the situation, they are still competitive and visible in the map of global economy. Size doesn't really matter to them, what matter most is their creativity and tenacity.

We are so thankful to God with the abundant natural resources we have, but please keep in mind that it will never last forever.  Resources are limited; Creativity is unlimited.

Pena Tumpul - Impressed

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